Tired of those generic hotels?  Got plenty of dough to throw around?

Airbnb, a vacation rentals startup, in partnership with Rent a Village by Xnet, offers some ultra luxurious listings for those with deep pockets.  You can “rent anything from a couch to a country.”  Examples include:

  • Austrian villageGoldegg, in the heart of Salzburg land — $65,000 a night
  • German wine village — Deidesheim — $50,000 a night
  • A Swiss mountain village — $60,000
  • An entire  European country (granted, a very small one) — The Principality of Liechtenstein — $70,000 a night

You will be happy to know that the little people — local vendors and service providers — will earn a living from your excesses.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

To be fair, Airbnb, ” a global network of accommodations offered by locals,” also offers many vacation rentals at reasonable prices for the rest of us.

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